Benefits Of Infusionhf70+

Extraordinary Minerals of the Earth


There are so many benefits of INFUSIONHF70+ BLACK WATER that provides critical and essential pathways to maximum Rehydration, Replenishment, Restoration, Recovery, Regeneration and natural creation for better Health and Wellness! Take a look at just a few great benefits:

  1. Improves Gut Health and Immune Function
  2. Helps Boost Digestion and Nutrient Absorption
  3. Protects Cognitive Health
  4. Improves Detoxification
  5. Lowers Free Radical Damage and Inflammation
  6. Improves Health and Lowers Pain
  7. Repairs and Protects the Skin, Helps Aging
  8. Removes Pollutants and Eliminate Toxins
  9. Speeds Up Recovery Time and Improves Endurance
  10. Improve Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol
  11. Balance pH Levels
  12. Boost Energy Levels
  13. Repair Injured Tissues and Muscle Repair
  14. Increase Enzyme Activity
  15. Natural Electrolytes

Faster and better absorption for quicker recovery! Faster Hydration which leads to more productive results! Eliminates inflammation which results to lower pain, therefore creating better agility and stability! Drink “INFUSIONHF70+ BLACK WATER”


Our INFUSIONHF70+ FOR CHILDREN products will increase hydration, help the immune system, provide natural absorption and many other benefits. Our products will replenish, restore, rehydrate and recover the body in a faster period to increase life stamina & endurance in conjunction with natural energy boost. It also breaks down elemental minerals ideal for human consumption.

Our products have the unique ability to break down toxins and reduce them to a harmless state. Our products neutralize a wide range of toxic materials and pollutants and remove them from the body so that our children can have healthier functioning systems. Our products are vital in delivering substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals.


Our Programs can increase a successful industry by increasing the absorption paths for nutritional support and maximum hydration. We offer a higher purified 9.6+ pH Alkaline Black Water or Gold (Clear) product and with Organic flavored options. Our Black Water has 77+ Trace Minerals, powerful Electrolytes and manufactured in the U.S.A.!

  • Increase of unique nutritional products to support existing product lines (Black Water, Sanitizers, etc.)
  • One-of-kind product selection additions
  • Great ROI for Product Add-ons
  • Healthier IBOS (Independent Business Owners or Representatives) and their Customers
  • White Label Programs
  • Private Label Programs