Extraordinary Minerals of the Earth



INFUSIONHF70+ AGRICULTURE is a reseller that provides supplies which is natural ingredients that are organically registered with the USDA for organic food production. We provide ‘organic solutions’ for a variety of customer requirements worldwide with our unique and innovative leader of manufacturing humic-fulvic driven agriculture products and solutions. Our base ingredients are obtained from known high quality sources with the highest control to insure manufactured products are of the highest purity.

Our partner proprietary organic extraction (brewing) and pre-concentration process produces “Organic Registered” Fulvic Acid in liquid and nearly pure powder forms. We recently received Kosher (KSA) certification for both our liquids and powder products.

Our INFUSIONHF70+ products restores depleted soils for crops and increase production of the crops. Provides increased nutrients in the soil which we had 70-80 years ago. We provide organic, non-pesticide, natural resource to bring our planet to a healthier state. Our products can be sprayed in liquid form, pure powder forms to increase success of hydroponic crops, form lands, farmlands, etc.

Our brand of fulvic and humic acids include INFUSIONHF70+ Black, GTX Gold-L, Alkaline Gold and Black Fulvic Acid equivalent dry powders which have been evaluated according to the USDA National Organic Program standards by WSDA.


Our INFUSIONHF70+ FOR CHILDREN products will increase hydration, help the immune system, provide natural absorption and many other benefits. Our products will replenish, restore, rehydrate and recover the body in a faster period to increase life stamina & endurance in conjunction with natural energy boost. It also breaks down elemental minerals ideal for human consumption.

Our products have the unique ability to break down toxins and reduce them to a harmless state. Our products neutralize a wide range of toxic materials and pollutants and remove them from the body so that our children can have healthier functioning systems. Our products are vital in delivering substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals.


Our Programs can increase a successful industry by increasing the absorption paths for nutritional support and maximum hydration. We offer a higher purified 9.6+ pH Alkaline Black Water or Gold (Clear) product and with Organic flavored options. Our Black Water has 77+ Trace Minerals, powerful Electrolytes and manufactured in the U.S.A.!

  • Increase of unique nutritional products to support existing product lines (Black Water, Sanitizers, etc.)
  • One-of-kind product selection additions
  • Great ROI for Product Add-ons
  • Healthier IBOS (Independent Business Owners or Representatives) and their Customers
  • White Label Programs
  • Private Label Programs