Extraordinary Minerals of the Earth



Imagining that there are many cosmetic lines around the country that has great ingredients but imagine have 70+ Trace Minerals that provides faster absorption, penetration and enhance aging solutions to bring longevity in life.

Check out the INFUSIONHF70+ Cosmetics Line:

  • Moisturizing Cream
  • Hydration Lotion
  • Hydration Lip Balm
  • Face & Body Cleanser
  • Skin Care Travel Kit
  • Fulvic Acid FAQ

Moisturizing Cream

  • INFUSIONHF70+’s Moisturizing Cream is our most powerful formulation. It utilizes Organic Fulvic Acid to nurture dry, sensitive skin, neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation. The small, complex molecules transport nutrients, transfer energy and restore balance to skin of all types.
  • With a blend of ‘gentle skin’ ingredients, our Moisturizing Cream readily penetrates the skin without streaking or leaving an oily feeling. The low molecular weight of Fulvic Acid easily penetrates cell walls. Fulvic molecules transport nutrients and water deep into cells, promoting energy transfer and equilibrium.
  • INFUSIONHF70+ Moisturizing Cream excels as an anti-aging preventative and for those engaged in outdoor activities. Originally developed for sensitive skin, it has the unique ability to donate or receive electrons as an anti-oxidant and is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. INFUSIONHF70+ has been used as a psoriasis cream and eczema treatment with outstanding results!

Hydration Lotion

  • INFUSIONHF70+’s Hydrating Lotion is a light, re-hydrating product and nourishing formulation for broad application.
  • Our Hydrating Lotion is used for those with normal to sensitive skin on the face and body after bathing and at night to repair daily skin damage. Excellent for daily use on the face and body prior to application of sunblock.

Hydration Lip Balm

  • INFUSIONHF70+’s Hydrating Lip Balm is a light, re-hydrating product and smooth moisturizing formulation for sunblock, protection and maintains continuous lubricants full of trace minerals.
  • Our Hydrating Lip Balm is used for those that have dry lips, peeling lips and problems with hydration. The trace minerals penetration the lips to add a continuous moist platform. Excellent for daily use on the lips.

Face & Body Cleanser

  • INFUSIONHF70+ Face and Body Cleanser rejuvenates the skin through a gentle cleansing process that hydrates and minimizes removal of skin’s natural oils. This is accomplished through use of mild pH adjusted soap agents, humectants (maintains moisture) and organic Fulvic Acid.
  • INFUSIONHF70+’s Face Cleanser maintains levels of skin moisture and oil retention, unlike many of today’s harsh cleansers and it was developed for those with skin sensitivity. It is an ideal cleanser for those with acne, as it strips away the ‘bad’ oils and allows skin pores to receive the moisture and nutrients of Fulvic Acid for repair of damaged skin. It is highly effective at removing makeup and is gentle yet powerful enough to clean even the most soiled skin.
  • Many body washes developed for sensitive skin avoid fragrances because of potential irritation. Our cleanser has a light fragrance that is aromatically refreshing. Disclaimer: Ingredients Contain Citrus Fragrance in the form of “Citrus Aurantium Dulcis” (Orange) Oil. In isolated cases, some individuals do elicit a response to the citrus scent. It is advised to test on a small portion of the skin before applying over larger areas.
  • Best applied with a clean damp washcloth for deeper skin cleansing action. Avoid hot water when bathing to minimize removal of natural oils.

Skin Care Travel Kit

  • Convenient, airplane friendly travel pack contains: Moisturizing Cream (1oz/30ml), Hydrating Lotion (2oz/59ml) and Face & Body Cleanser (2oz/59 ml).

Fulvic Acid FAQ

As an anti-inflammatory soothing agent, INFUSIONHF70+ Moisturizing Cream and Hydrating Lotion both kill itch on the spot. We are confident that INFUSIONHF70+ Skin Care provides the most effective anti-itch products on the market. If you get an itch that we can’t fix, send us the bottle and we’ll refund your money.

Absolutely! In fact, Fulvic Acid is Mother Nature’s own fountain of youth, with the ability to energize dead cells. The versatility of the molecule is immense, inimitable and is a veritable life-giver. Women in United States who use INFUSIONHF70+ religiously don’t want to tell their friends what their secret weapon is. Spas and estheticians use it as the secret sauce in their facials and masques. Within 2 weeks you will notice a difference. We guarantee it.


Our INFUSIONHF70+ FOR CHILDREN products will increase hydration, help the immune system, provide natural absorption and many other benefits. Our products will replenish, restore, rehydrate and recover the body in a faster period to increase life stamina & endurance in conjunction with natural energy boost. It also breaks down elemental minerals ideal for human consumption.

Our products have the unique ability to break down toxins and reduce them to a harmless state. Our products neutralize a wide range of toxic materials and pollutants and remove them from the body so that our children can have healthier functioning systems. Our products are vital in delivering substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals.


Our Programs can increase a successful industry by increasing the absorption paths for nutritional support and maximum hydration. We offer a higher purified 9.6+ pH Alkaline Black Water or Gold (Clear) product and with Organic flavored options. Our Black Water has 77+ Trace Minerals, powerful Electrolytes and manufactured in the U.S.A.!

  • Increase of unique nutritional products to support existing product lines (Black Water, Sanitizers, etc.)
  • One-of-kind product selection additions
  • Great ROI for Product Add-ons
  • Healthier IBOS (Independent Business Owners or Representatives) and their Customers
  • White Label Programs
  • Private Label Programs